French/ Polish Exchange 2018-2019

When I heard about the exchange for the first time, I was excited and happy that someone gave us a chance to fly to another country, meet new people and communicate only in English. I thought it’s an amazing chance for me to check my language skills and make a new friend. Since it had become sure that I would take part in this exchange I started feeling scared… Fortunately- for no reason.

The family I lived with was really nice and they were smiling all the time. Maybe that was the reason why I was so happy there… Juliette (my exchange partner) was trying to make me feel like I’m in my home. We were talking a lot and had fun every day from the time we woke up, until we fell asleep.

On three trips that we had, I learned a lot about France. Every time I returned to their house, Julliete’s parents showed me differences between France and Poland, which was really interesting, because there were a lot of them. Her siblings were trying to communicate with me, even though they didn’t speak English very well. This exchange was an incredible experience and if I have another chance to go on an exchange, I will be the first person on the applicants' list.