At the beginning of October I travelled by plane to France for a students exchange. My plane was delayed nearly three hours. Before the flight I was excited to meet my new friend.

After my arrival in France, I was picked up by my new family and we went home. My new family members were mom, dad, Lenaic and his sister. They were really nice, caring and friendly. We were communicating in English, French, and by gesture.

I stayed in a small village near the city of Lyon. We went sightseeing and were impressed by beautiful places and monuments. We were having fun and visited a laser park and a bowling alley. I tasted many French dishes and I enjoyed their cuisine.

This exchange helped me break a language barrier. Now I can communicate better. I have a lot of new friends from France and I can visit this country again. The week passed very fast and I did not want to go back home. I am looking forward to Lenaic’s arrival in Poland.