Trip to France


I woke up at nine o’clock. At ten o’clock I was at the airport and that was my first time there. The departure was planned for half past twelve, but the plane was late and we left Cracow at half past three. I enjoyed flying by plane.

When we arrived in Lyon, we met our hosts and then everybody went to their houses. My French host was called Nathan and lived in a very nice house with a garden outside of the city.

When we arrived, the supper was ready. Afterwards we played games on Wii.


I woke up at nine o’clock, ate breakfast and went to Laser Game with Nathan. There I met my Polish school friends. We lost the first round but we won the second one. We took some photos, ate some cakes and then went to our homes.


We went to school by bus. The visit to the cave La Grotte de Choranche with a tour guide was the main attraction of the day.The cave was very big and beautiful.


We went to Chambery, which is a big city just at the foothills of the Alps and there we played an outdoor game with our French friends. My team won. Later, we went to a port to take a boat cruise on lake Bourget. The lake was very big and peaceful. After one hour we returned back home.


On Saturday we went with my hosts to the top of Mount du Chat by car. The view was amazing, I saw Mount Blanc - the highest mountain in Europe. Later, we went to Chanaz - a small, beautiful town located on the canal . We went to a coffee roaster where we saw how coffee is roasted and prepared. After that we went to a windmill. This windmill was 150 years old but still it was milling flour. We ate lunch at 3 pm in a restaurant and returned back home.


Sunday was a rainy and cloudy day so we went to the Automobile Museum of Henri Malartre. But first we went to church . This museum holds the largest collection of vehicles built by Lyon car manufacturers. You can find the papamobile as well as Adolf Hitler’s car among many others in this museum.


This was our last day in France and we had a morning flight back to Cracow. I woke up at ten to six and after breakfast we went to the airport. I arrived there at half past seven. This time there were no problems, so we left Lyon at quarter past ten. When I was on the plane flying over Poland, I saw the Energylandia Park near Zator. Finally, I landed in Cracow Balice airport at midday, where my mother was waiting for me.

That was an extraordinary week for me, I have met new friends in France and have seen great places. I hope I can come back there some day in the future